I can’t remember if I tried that, if I did then it didn’t work. Originally posted by Dilbert: I forget what the error is, though. If there is more than one controller or an embedded controller , try to use one IRQ per controller. When you try to load them after hitting F6 , it spits out an error.

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Jan 16, Posts: Wed Jul 23, 2: Enable support for disks larger than 1 Gbyte if applicable.

Download Adaptec AIC SCSI Host Adapter – MajorGeeks

Originally posted by Jim Z: User-level programs have exhibited problems on some PCI systems with an Adaptec AHA x card, including the following motherboard models:. Return the motherboard to the vendor for a replacement.

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WinNT4 / Adaptec AIC-7895 Driver Needed

Dilbert Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I’ll give them a try in a few minutes here and see what goes. Mar 15, Posts: There’s drivers for family in the search results. The drivers from Ineptec don’t work. Adaotec you encounter problems running the Solaris operating environment on an Adaptec-approved system with the AHA, contact your technical support provider.


When you try to load them after hitting F6it spits out an error. Ac-7895 Jul 23, 4: If problems with user-level programs occur, use the BIOS setup to turn off write-back CPU caching or all caching if there adaptwc no control over aaic-7895 caching algorithm. This causes devices connected to channel B to fail, and messages about timeouts and resets on those devices to appear on the console. Only problem is, we seem to be missing a disk. Hey guys, we’re working on setting up a lab with NT4 servers our current environment to simulate an upgrade to Windows Server Some Gateway systems use this motherboard.

Have adaptrc tried these drivers? It would appear that nothing else is going to work which is really frustrating, but that’s another post. I forget what the error is, though. Never did get it worked out, I gave up and stuck Win2k on it.

It’d be really nice if I could just use that but since we’re trying to simulate the current environment it isn’t really an option.


ADAPTEC, INC. Adaptec AIC-7895 PCI SCSI Controller drivers for Windows XP x86

Originally posted by Dilbert: Just go to the drivers section of the adaptec site, and search adapttec AIC The AHA has been certified by Adaptec to work on specific systems.

Tue Jul 22, 8: I assume you tried downloading them from IBM’s site? If there is more than one controller or an embedded controllertry to aadaptec one IRQ per controller.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. Does any admin out there happen to have a disk with the Windows NT 4.

The part number of the Intel motherboard is