January 2, – 6: By an amazing coincidence, I happen to have an example of just such a preamp in my system where it does duty as a phono stage. Don’t want to spend a ton on them though, since I need 4 of them. Again, contingent on the diameter of the adaptor. I use one per amp channel and they are run very conservatively. There seem to be a bazillion different types of 6SN7’s.

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The internet term LOL applies on that one. Same as abovebut “Used Tested Good”.

December 29, – 8: I just currently finished a tube preamp using a 6SN7 dual-triode,I’ve heard of really good NOS tubes to use,like the RCA red base,Mullards,and other various tubes,but these are usually expensive. We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process.

Post 2 of The 6J5’s are exactly one half of a 6SN7 so two are needed, On the plus side because you use two tubes in one adapter you can mix two different brand names together and get the best that each tube brand offers!!! Quite clear, but not as well defined as the others. December 29, – They still have flat, black plates. Even if you go with the Sylvania’s there going to be much more of what your looking for then the re-issue Tung-sol.


There seem to be a bazillion different types of 6SN7’s. 6snn7 round support things at the top.

I am just not sure where, because of its quite different character. I would like to thank for Andy Bowman of Vintage Tube Services bet supplying the tubes in this survey.

If anyone wants to take a look at The MFA preamp, one of the most stunning pieces of kit ever made, and a landmark piece of gear Can add girth to your tone. I haven’t tried the red base RCA that some folks rave about. The base of the tube is labeled in green letters. Sounds pretty good all around, but just doesnt stand out like some of the others. I like these better than the “chrome dome” Sylvanias and current Tung Sols.

Later versions ‘s have the gettering on the top and taller glass. The rest of the beest exemplifies the expensive amp, cheap speaker philosophy.

Smooth and clear try the CBS 6sn7gtb great extension on both ends.

Looking for 6SN7 tube rolling recommendations | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Post 1 of The Lumi pots are set to maximum yielding an astonishing gain ratio of 72db. Sometimes having fun is more important than doing work–speaking of which, time to get back to that. These tubes do it all better than anything I have ever heard, and they are dirt cheap!!!


Vocals acquire a new urgency and conviction where the sounds a bit sleepy. All that ruggedization paid off. There are other reasons.

Top 5 6SN7’s

There are no extra support rods, but nevertheless meet shock and vibration specs set forth by the US Military. As one review says, it puts you front and centre – like the main instruments are just a couple of feet ahead of you – forward of the speakers. I stumbled upon this site just today, whilst doing some research on some tubes I was thinking of buying. Go to a 12SN7, by altering the heater circuit. I’ve got a bunch of them.