You can set the timing when the printer measures the width of the paper. When the printer enters the default setting mode, the button works as a button to select the menu. All spaces and characters that follow are underscored. When you select On , the excess data is not printed. Offline light Yellow On when the printer is offline.

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When using the printer driver, change the settings on the printer driver. From the Common settings menu, you can change the settings for the common items, which are effective in all the emulation modes.

If the size is not found in any of the source drawers, the printer prompts the user to load the appropriate paper size.

Download IBM PPDS printer driver 32bit

Starts the printing start position adjustment mode. If only one computer is connected to the printer, you can select ParallelSerialor USB depending on which interface your computer uses.

This sequence starts a character font image download. ESC A n sets text line spacing in increments of 0.

Using the Control Panel

You need to load a new sheet of paper each time the printer ejects a printed sheet from the front slot. The Parallel Interface bidirectional transfer mode is used when this feature is set to On.


Document information More support for: When the printer is in the auto interface mode and it receives no data from the currently selected interface for the amount of time specified with this setting, it determines which interface is receiving data and switches to that interface. ESC 7 selects character set 1. CR causes the data that follows a CR to print at the left side. The value of sd specifies the source drawer tray to be used during ibn feed.

ESC Y sends bit-image data to the printer, which prints dots per inch horizontally and 72 dots per inch vertically.

Set Top of Form Set the current paper position as the top of form. When this mode is set to Onthe noise is reduced, but the printing speed is slower. Ec [ n1 n2 m1 m2 m3 m4 1B 5B 40 n1 n2 m1 m2 m3 m4 Double-High Printing Print text in double-wide mode, double-high mode, or use both ppdss at the same time. The high-order half-byte is ignored.

ESC B cancels any ppda vertical tabs. You can set the timing when the printer measures the width of the paper. Starts the bidirectional adjustment mode. The formula for calculating n1 and n2 is: This document was last updated on 11 August The print head strikes the character twice, resulting in darker, bolder character.

When you select Autothe printer automatically selects the interface that is receiving data, and uses that interface until the end of the print job.


Epson DFX-9000 Reference Manual: Ibm Ppds Emulation Control Codes

Normally, n1 is 4 and n2 is 0. DC3 is a null on the parallel interface.

Set Automatic Perforation Skip Set the printer to automatically skip over form perforations. None of the above, continue with my lpds.

You need to set the broken pin number at the Broken pin number setting. When you use single sheet or passbook, set this option to On.

Each character set contains eight characters that vary depending on the country or language, so you can customize the italic table to suit your printing needs. No line feed occurs unless the printer hardware has automatic line feed p;ds or the computer sends an ESC 5 to the printer.

ESC 6 selects character set 2. End Ppdw Bold Printing Stop printing in emphasized-print mode. When auto carriage return is set to Oneach line feed LF code is accompanied by a carriage return CR code so the printer moves the next printing start position to the left margin.